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Nancy Sanders is an artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. She was born in Savannah, GA in 1961,
adopted 6 weeks after, and raised as a Southern Baptist, in McCormick, SC, a small, rural
town. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Business Administration.
For 15 years she worked in the technology and management consulting arenas for Electronic
Data Systems, Price Waterhouse, The Coca-Cola Company, and her own consulting company
Intelligent Solutions, Inc. During this time, she also traveled extensively throughout Europe,
Asia, Africa, and the South Pacific.

In 1992 she embarked on the formal study of art and began to create sculpture. In 1998, she
left the corporate world to pursue a career as an artist. She took a break with her artwork from
2006-2013 to care for aging and dying parents. In 2014 Nancy began the Fine Arts Workshop
Atelier program in Atlanta Ga headed by Michael David. She spent several years studying and
then creating encaustic painting, photography, and abstract painting.

From 1997-2001, she studied mind, body, and spirit healing and graduated from the Barbara
Brennan School of Healing in East Hampton, NY. In 2002, she became an ordained Healing
Minister in the mystical order of the St. Thomas Christian Church. From 2003-2006 she studied
Integrated Kabbalistic Healing at A Society of Souls in N.J. She further explored human
consciousness at the Robert Monroe Institute in Faber, VA. In 2004, she completed her studies
as an Energetic Meridian Stress Assessor and also became a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.
All of the spiritual studies have served to open her creative channels and strongly influence the subject matter of her artistic work. In her healing work, she assists people in their inner work
move from separation / defense toward wholeness, uncovering distorted beliefs to live in fullness.
Her sculpture and paintings have a strong emphasis on spirit housed in the physical being
and the presence of non-duality in a seemingly dualistic world.

Nancy has exhibited her work in many one-person and group exhibitions including those at
The Viewing Room at the Dewberry Gallery in Atlanta, Ga, The Limner Gallery in N.Y., N.Y.,
The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. and The Arts Exchange in
Atlanta, GA. She is a recipient of 2 Artist Showcase Awards and her work was featured in
Manhattan Arts International magazine, Success Now, and Manhattan Arts International’s
website, Her work is held in many private collections in the U.S.

Nancy lives with her husband, Mark Certo, musician, recording engineer, and fellow healer
and consciousness researcher.


2019  -  11th Annual Nude and Figure Show, dk Gallery, Marietta, Ga.

2018  -  “Don’t Know Why You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello”, David & Schweitzer Contemporary,
Brooklyn, N.Y.

2018  -  “Transformations”, The Viewing Room at Dewberry Gallery, Atlanta, Ga.

2004  -  “The Healing Power of Art”, N.Y., N.Y.,

2003  -  Small Works 2003, The Limner Gallery, N.Y., N.Y.

2003  -  “Brave Destiny”, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.

2003  -  “Alchemy of the Psyche”, The Float Away, Atlanta, Ga.

2003  -  “The Healing Power of Art”, N.Y., N.Y.,

2002  -  Summer Small Works 2002, The Limner Gallery, N.Y., N.Y.

2000  -  Summer Showcase, The Limner Gallery, N.Y., N.Y.

2000  -  “Wonderful Journey”, IVAC, The Arts Exchange, Atlanta, Ga.

1999  -  “In the Midst of Transformation”, The FloatAway, Atlanta, Ga.

1997  -  “The “B” Show”, 660B Gallery, Atlanta Ga.

1997  -  “New Discoveries”, The FloatAway, Atlanta, Ga.


2015-2016  -  Hambidge Art Auction, Goat Farm Arts Center, Atlanta, Ga.

1996-1998  -  ArtCare, Swissotel, Atlanta, Ga.

Honors & Awards:

2003  -  Showcase Award, Manhattan Arts International,
             Healing Power of Art Competition, Success Now, May-June issue

2000  -  Showcase Award, Manhattan Arts International
             9th Annual Cover Competition


2017  -  Rome Arts Workshop (Brian Booth Craig & David Simon), Rome, Italy

2016-2017  -  Levels 1, 2, & 3, Las Vegas, NV

2015  -  Stuart Williamson, Portrait Class, KLC Studios, Atlanta, Ga.

2015-present  -  KLC Sculpture Studio, Atlanta, Ga.

2014-present  -  Fine Arts Workshop Atelier, (Michael David mentor program), Atlanta, Ga.

2014-2016  -  Painting, Chastain Arts Center, Atlanta, Ga.

2014-2015  -  Sculpture, Cherrylion Sculpture Studio, Atlanta, Ga.

2002  -  Sacred Healing Licentiate, St. Thomas Christian Church, Atlanta, Ga.

1997- 2001  -  Graduate, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, East Hampton, N.Y.

1998-2000  -  The Robert Monroe Institute, Faber, Va.

1997-1999  -  Painting, Callonwolde, Atlanta, Ga.

1995-1997  -  Painting, Chastain Arts Center, Atlanta, Ga.

1992-1996  -  Sculpture, Cherrylion Sculpture Studio, Atlanta, Ga.

1995  -  Drawing, Atlanta College of Arts, Atlanta, Ga.

1985  -  BBA, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.


1961 Born in Savannah, Georgia